Crossfire HEI Supercap
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Crossfire HEI Supercap

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Chevy V8 HEI, black


AMC 401 HEI, black


Buick HEI, black


Olds/Pontiac HEI, black


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Crossfire Distributor Caps are a simple, effective solution for the tangled mess created where the ignition wires are connected to the distributor. By rerouting the connections between the inner and outer terminals, we are able to keep the necessary firing order your engine needs inside while straightening out the spark plug wires outside. This means that your spark plug wires for the left bank of the engine all exit on the left side of the distributor in order, as well as the right side. No spark plug wires cross, ANYWHERE! This also eliminates the possibility of bleed-through from one wire to the other. And by using quality materials and American assembly you can be assured to have tens of thousands of miles of trouble-free service. The leads, brass terminals, and rotor bushing are all capable of handling up to 50,000 volts. Many add-on ignition boxes, such as MSD require a special low resistance rotor bushing. Check with manufacturer for specifics. Standard black caps can be sanded and painted to color match other engine components.